·       Indian Education system:
India follows the Anglo Saxon system of education, which holds prominence in majority of English speaking countries (United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland). First stage is Nursery, next on is Primary section from class 1 to class 5; Secondary education is from classes 6 to 10; and Higher Secondary comprises of classes 11 and 12. Higher education begins in India after completion of Higher Secondary, and comprises of Graduation and Post graduation courses duration for which varies as per course structure and subjects. After completing a postgraduate degree, there is the option of continuing on with doctoral studies and research at various educational institutes.  
·       Higher Education Facilities:
India’s higher education system was ranked 24th in the world in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2016. Higher education starts in India after completion of Higher Secondary examination, and it takes between three to four years to complete and undergraduate degree in India, with subjects such as arts, commerce and science taking three years and topics like technology, engineering and pharmacy taking four years. Subjects such as law and medicine take up to five years. Post graduation courses take around two to three years, after which one is eligible to opt for doctoral studies and research at various educational institutes. According to government accreditations Higher Education Institutes fall under four major categories- Central universities  that are overseen by the national government; State universities where curriculum set by local government; Deemed Universities are normally set up by private individuals or trust; and then there are Inter-university Centres which act as Centres of education which shared facilities between several universities. Each university is free to set its own curriculum, the subjects and undergraduate degrees their students study, and how they will be assessed.

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